SHAREit For PC – latest version Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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SHAREit For PC – latest version Windows 7/8/8.1/10

SHAREit For PC: Anyone who has faced issues transferring different files from one device to another could not find any perfect application. Sometimes, you want to move your memorable pictures, files, and necessary documents from an old device to a newer one. You may have to use taped or recordable CDs and DVDs to get the information from the old equipment and onto others.

Moreover, you might have necessary data on an operating system that you would like to transfer or share to your mobile phone or tablet, and there is undoubtedly no program for this purpose. To solve this problem, a unique and fantastic software named “ShareIt” can help you share or transfer several files from one medium to another without effort.

SHAREit For PC - latest version Windows 7/8/8.1/10

What is ShareIt, and how is it useful?

ShareIt is a broad application that users can download and operate on their computers. It allows people to include several files in the database to which it has access. Then, they can utilize a protective Wi-Fi connection to share or transfer these data files to other appliances of their choice. This software allows transferring from a computer, laptop, phone or tablet. ShareIt also saves people’s time and money because its downloading link is freely available here. Users do not have to be concerned about acquiring CDs or a USB continuous hard drive that people would apply to do a similar thing differently. This program is reliable and stable for all devices to share and transfer data immediately.

How ShareIt works for sharing files:

To transfer data, the user must install the ShareIt application on both devices. Your device must have Wi-Fi functionality for sharing files. Only Wi-Fi is required to complete the transfer process. No data connection is needed for ShareIt. It uses the user’s phone’s Wi-Fi and hotspot. It works via Wi-Fi without the internet and doesn’t work if your device has no Wi-Fi functionality. Wi-Fi is necessary to share files. It works correctly without the data connection. This application is the best alternative for manually transferring items servicing a USB flash drive or CD. There is no monthly or annual subscription fee to keep ShareIt working on your device.

Why you should be using ShareIt:

SHAREit For PC is an unusual and attractive application that saves time, trouble, and money. You can buy any USB drive and CDs for sharing data files from one appliance to another directly. ShareIt does not specify a considerable space on your device. Hence, this is a peculiarly dynamic preference for former systems that users can effortlessly want to eliminate, requiring the data they control. SHAREit For PC is a superb application allowing people to use various devices within Share. People can share or transfer to a mobile phone or a tablet from the operating system they already have up and executing. The appliance the user is looking to share the data files to will be adept at receiving it; this process could and rapidly be completed with the help of this promising program ShareIt.

Prominent and leading features of ShareIt:

  • There is no network restriction for operating this program.
  • Anyone can transfer several files wherever and whenever.
  • ShareIt is one of the fastest programs used all over the world.
  • It is 200 times faster than the Bluetooth technology.
  • You can quickly transfer or share photos, videos, music, installed apps, and other files.
  • Simple and easy to control and use, along with unique functions.
  • Cross-platform transferring and sharing of computers, phones, tablets, androids, iOS, windows phones, etc.
  • You can share files with friends by entering the portal.
  • It transfers large files like movies or applications 40 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • People can quickly share files on mobile phones and computers.
  • ShareIt lets you view your images and play music on a computer or laptop.
  • You can share files up to five devices at a time.
  • Control PPT instantly with the user’s phone, making the presentation more straightforward.
  • There is no need for USB, Internet and data usage.
  • People can use this application for the computer to connect with the phone to join or link a PC with the phone and transfer data between them smoothly.
  • ShareIt allows the user to share and transfer any file format through this program without any format restrictions like MP3, MP4, APK files, Doc or PDF files and much more.

System specifications for ShareIt:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Android, iOS, and macOS
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Free hard disk space: 50 MB
  • Intel Pentium IV or faster.

How to install ShareIt instantly on your system:

  • Get the ShareIt link here, given below.
  • Double-click on the installing link.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.

Easy and best way to utilize ShareIt on your operating system:

  • Double-click on the ShareIt setup.
  • It will be starting to download on your device.
  • After taking some minutes, it will completely download on your system instantly.


  • The appliances going to share the files must have Wi-Fi functionality. (Only Wi-Fi, not data connection)
  • To start sharing several data from one device to the other. You must have the ShareIt program installed on both media. If not, then download it first, and the user can also download the ShareIt application for PC to use on Windows.

Steps to sharing and transferring files:

  • Run the ShareIt application on your appliance and select the “Send” option.
  • Select the files you want to share or transfer. Click “Next” after selecting the data.
  • Now, the application will find the accessible ShareIt device.
  • Operate the ShareIt program on your PC and click “Receive.”
  • Now, the program in the phone will display the nearby medium or device. Broach on the device from the phone; after that, it will begin sending the files to your computer or laptop.
  • You have to follow similar steps or instructions to transfer the files from a computer or laptop to a smartphone.

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